Introduction to Adventurous Activities

Introduction to Adventurous Activities

Pendle campus visit to Bowley Scout Camp

In July, pupils took part in an introduction to adventurous activity day at Bowley Scout Camp. The day began with pupils being given a demonstration on how to light a fire using only friction - no matches were allowed. After a few attempts, they all mastered how to light a fire and also how to keep the fire burning long enough to boil enough water to make hot chocolate. To develop these new skills, pupils then had to build a fire in the tepee so that they could later cook their own lunch over the embers. Establishing a larger fire required more team work but everyone was determined that lunch would be ready on time.

After being fitted with helmets and safety harnesses, the pupils tested their teamworking skills to the limit on the crate stacking activity. The whole team had to work together to help the two pupils on the activity climb as high as they could. Those passing the crates gave lots of encouragement especially when knees began to knock as they moved up the crates. Any nerves were calmed by the support from the others but Travis did say that “it was the strangest feeling to feel the ground under your feet wobbling and not have anything to grab onto to steady yourself”.

Everyone was ready for lunch. Homemade kebabs were cooked over the open fire on a large, cast iron Merika. Everyone agreed that the food tasted better for being cooked outside.

The final activity of the day was indoor air rifle shooting on an indoor range. Pupils listened carefully to Simon, the instructor, as he talked them through the safety briefing and how to load the air rifle. Pupils were silent as they concentrated on trying to hit the bullseye.

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